**Please remember that we are only a foster home for these puppies. These pups are available for adoption through ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation). Please visit their website at www.arf.ab.ca, look under 'Adopt' and then 'Dogs'. You will see them there!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi there everyone!

Most of you know that I am involved with the Animal Rescue Foundation of Alberta (or ARF for short). We started fostering puppies for them in August and found it to be a wonderful experience for all of us. We are on a break now because of the move but I am still going to PetSmart every Saturday to show off these beauties.
Since ARF is a non-profit organization, all of their supplies need to be donated which brings me here. In light of the season and the giving spirit we are all feeling (wink wink), I am sending out a plea for donations for ARF. I have a list of needed items below or you can send me the money and I will spend every cent on a needed item, promise. Below you will see the secure PayPal account button that will allow you to send me money online. *Please note that I am requesting donations as an individual therefore no tax receipts will be given*

Happy Holidays from ARF video!

Please don't feel like you need to donate, I'm sure the puppies will survive... somehow...(lol, sorry couldn't help it!).

Thank you everyone!
Contact: luvpups@shaw.ca

Another option is ARF's Creature Comforts Catalogue. Have a look!


- X-Pens/Puppy Pens

- Unopened Bags of Premium (Dry) Puppy Food (Pups seem to like Kirkland Puppy food)
- Puppy Collars (Royal Oak Dollarama for $1)

- Chewies (pressed rawhides, Dentabones, pigs ears, hooves - but please, no "knots")
- Baby Gates

- Paper Towels

I have included some adorable pups that are available now!

Luna - Female

Allie - Female

Ace - Male

Bear - Male

Isis - Female

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